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Frequently Asked Questions About Split System Air Conditioning Installations

Split system air conditioning gives you flexibility and often work better at cooling than ducted evap systems. It’s not usual to need the entire house cooled down at once, for example, an air-con running in your bedroom during the day and an air-con running in your living room during the night. Why pay for cooling you are not benefitting from? With split a/c systems, you get the flexibility of choosing to cool just one room at a time. For homes that only need a few smaller sized key rooms to cool this is the most cost-effective option.

Split systems air conditioning are cheaper than ducted air conditioning to install and can cool the space in summer and heat it in winter. A mistake people make is to think one unit can cool a lot of rooms in the home. It is actually better to spend the upfront cost on two or more units than one unit. You will have controlled cooling and can target cooling where it is needed. And then in winter, you can run the split system as a heater. 

Split system air conditioning in Perth can be the ideal choice for cooling larger rooms or business premises, and some systems can also provide a source of heating in the winter. Features of split systems As their name suggests, These systems are divided into two separate components, with the evaporator core and controls located inside the home and the compressor, condenser and fans located outside the property, either mounted on the wall or free-standing. Some modern A.C use sensors to determine when the ambient temperature in rooms rises above a certain point, after which the unit is switched on to reduce temperatures without consuming too much electricity.

Refrigerant is the magical substance that makes air conditioning work. It can quickly change between gas and liquid, which also changes its temperature in the process. This change of temperature is used to heat or cool air pulled in by the air conditioning system.

In a split system air conditioner, the process starts with the refrigerant gas being fed into the outdoor unit’s compressor, where it becomes pressurised and heats up. The pressurised gas is fed through condenser tubes that turn it into a liquid and then depressurised, which cools it and turns it back into gas.

As the refrigerant constantly cycles between cool gas and hot liquid, the air conditioner is able to use the changing temperature to cool the air it sucks from the room.

As the indoor unit sucks air from the room, it passes it over an evaporator coil that has been cooled by the refrigerant gas and becomes cold. The cold air is then sent back into the room.

The indoor and outdoor units are connected by electrical wires to provide power, and high-pressure gas pipes to circulate the refrigerant through the system.

The indoor unit is mounted to the wall, sitting roughly two meters high. It should be placed in a spot that allows balanced airflow throughout the room, as well as being easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

The outdoor unit is placed outside, usually next to the room with the indoor unit, to reduce the amount of piping and wiring needed to connect them. Because the outdoor unit expels warm air from the system using a fan, the area surrounding it can be a little noisy and warm. It’s best to place the unit in a corner, as far away as possible from any living space. It’s also important that the unit isn’t touching any walls, as the compressor and fan can cause it to shake, which may vibrate through the walls (or the walls of your neighbour).

Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, and Daikin offer some of the best split system air conditioners in Australia. We also provide quality brands such as Panasonic, MDV & Braemar

A split system air conditioner should take less than a day to install and must be installed by a qualified professional. The air conditioning technician will need to create a small hole in the wall for the piping and electrical wiring, with no other changes needed for the building.



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